A Very Small Woodshop

Welcome to MonkeyZoo Productions, a small woodshop in Vancouver, Washington.  My name is Rody McDonald and this is where I try to merge technology with a creative outlet.  Here you'll find a wide variety of small wooden kits, projects, signs, you name it!  Most of what you see are original designs cut from wood on a ShopBot CNC router - it's sort of my own brush and canvas.

My background started in building and drafting custom cabinets.  You can witness another of my creative outlets on my first website adventure www.totally-free-woodworking-plans.com where you'll find free plans for many of the products seen here.

Recently I've also reached back to my roots and am once again building custom cabinets.  If you're within a day's drive of Vancouver, Washington, check us out at  www.mzpwoodworks.com and see what we can do for you.  More than a day's drive out?  Jump over to the "Contact Us" page and we can begin a conversation about how to ship you what you need.

I hope that as you browse through the shop you will find something that interests you.  Thanks for stopping by!  -Rody

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